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Broken Butterfly MAG

March 29, 2010
By camille_1441 PLATINUM, Westerville, Ohio
camille_1441 PLATINUM, Westerville, Ohio
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Sad and broken Butterfly
I just want to see you fly
Wet your wings, can't fly away
Wait until another day
Drink the sweet and lonely moss
Freeze and shatter in the frost
Capture your body, capture your mind
Capture your love, capture your time
Little angel in a jar
Can't stay here but can't go far
Lift the lid and watch you go
Where you fly the wind will blow
Let you go to life's demands
I went and destroyed your plans
Sad and broken Butterfly
I just want to see you fly

The author's comments:
my friend drew a butterfly and I wrote this to go along with it

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Lexie96 GOLD said...
on Nov. 2 2011 at 6:31 am
Lexie96 GOLD, Havana, Illinois
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I love this poem! It's so pretty but also so deep, great work!

Check out my stuff sometime?

MarieV. SILVER said...
on May. 8 2011 at 9:28 pm
MarieV. SILVER, Caldwell, Idaho
8 articles 0 photos 1 comment
i love  this poem. one thing that u might look at is on the line that says, "I went and destroyed your plans" you might want to think about continuing the rhythm of the poem by making it, "I went and destroyed all your plans." Just a thought, but love it!! :)

on May. 8 2011 at 6:56 pm
kaykay101 PLATINUM, Arundel, Maine
35 articles 0 photos 20 comments
This is great!! I don't know if you were trying to, but the butterfly could symbolize something. It would depend on people's perspectives. This is very well written! Awesome job!

on Feb. 11 2011 at 1:53 pm
alymarie3 PLATINUM, Leavenworth, Kansas
24 articles 0 photos 32 comments

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Pooh: You don't spell it, you feel it

this sounds like the poem i wrote called Little Yellow Butterfly

on Feb. 11 2011 at 11:39 am
It's a beautiful poem with emotion sentences. Keep writing!