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News To Me

April 7, 2010
By MollyLager GOLD, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
MollyLager GOLD, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
\"The real trouble with reality is that there\'s no background music.\"

Removing the layers of blankets covering the impossible
Excavating the beauty of the humility you hold
I lie, face up
Thinking all these fantastic delusions
Could maybe, possibly
Come true.

You’re beautiful.
Not often in the way boys are
You’re funny
And you never cease to make me smile
Even when it’s only with one of your own.
You’re kind
And sweet hearted
Even if you cover it
I can still see, I know it’s there
Chips in your hard exterior
God, if only you knew.

The seconds, minutes, hours
I waste
Thinking of things I probably shouldn’t.
Bad things, but beautiful things.
I know they’d make you laugh
They’d make you smile
They’d make you happy
But I can’t seem to divulge my hidden secrets
Quite yet.
I’d like to keep the fantasies to myself
A little longer,
If that’s alright with you.

There are days, when your introvert-self has me guessing
I can never tell what you’re thinking.
Or if you’re even thinking at all.
Maybe you’re just blissful, sitting on some beach
Drinking a beer
Somewhere in your mind.
It’s funny
Some days, when I have nothing better
I pretend that’s where I am.
It keeps me happy
When I’m with you.

We aren’t anything perfect.
We’re not flawless.
Hell, I’ve only known your face since the last bits of snow fell
In January.
But I get the feeling that we could be a lot more.
That I could really fall hard for you
If you let me.

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