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Zoning Out

April 11, 2010
By Miseltoe GOLD, Boneville, Georgia
Miseltoe GOLD, Boneville, Georgia
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I'm a loser and I love to lose. Each time I lose its different, it teaches me something else... but winning loses its glamour after the first few times. so I love to lose

Someone’s talking
I’m not listening
It’s not important
I’m thinking

About my life
Where did it go wrong
Was it with the first guy
Or my first lie

Was it with hatred
Or with the first pain
Was it with the wrong touch
Or a great hug

Was it with those tears I didn’t cry
Or with the thousand of tears I did
Was it holding a hand
Or not holding a hand

I don’t know
All I know is the hatred and numbness
The want to be happy again
Happy to be alone

Alone in the dark
Alone with my mistakes
Alone with my urges for companionship
Alone with the silence

The author's comments:
We all reach a place where we experiment with who we are and the more you experiment the more likely it is you will lose part of yourself... Just maybe it will be a part that you liked... and you cant get it back.

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