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Red Velvet

April 11, 2010
By Miseltoe GOLD, Boneville, Georgia
Miseltoe GOLD, Boneville, Georgia
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I'm a loser and I love to lose. Each time I lose its different, it teaches me something else... but winning loses its glamour after the first few times. so I love to lose

Soft and comforting to touch
Like your hand
When I reach for it
When I hold it in my hand
I feel your love

Red Velvet
Beautiful and alluring
Like your lips
When I hear your voice
When I lean in for a kiss
I sense your love

Red Velvet
Smooth and Silky
Like your movements
When you slip away
When you escape my grasp
I lose your love

Red Velvet
My red velvet Love
You were mine
I held your hand
I saw your lips
I felt your presence
But you slipped away
And I, I let you go

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