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I may be the rotten apple

March 28, 2010
By cheetoz45680 DIAMOND, Bridgeport, Connecticut
cheetoz45680 DIAMOND, Bridgeport, Connecticut
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they all think and they all say
"eww,who is that!?"
all agree and respond in laughter,
beauty on the inside but looks like a rat

the laughter stays inside her head day and night,
it haunts her and will forever stay in her heart,
thought she knows she is rotten on the outdide,
her innocense and love from her will never part,

"may be an odd ball,
but thats what makes me unique",
is all she thinks and says,
even though im alittle antique

i may be the rotten apple,
the rest are ripe and seem delicious,
but dont let apperances fool you,
the shiny red ones have a disgues and are truly visious,

but look in the mirror and see yourself,
think for a second and look at your true reflection,
is what you see sicerity, love and purity?,
well then, lets eliminate rejection

The author's comments:
this is dedicated to Emilie, a dear friend of mine. she has lead me to looking deep inside people and has tought me not to judge by a persons apperarance. she has had a hard time being accepted and i think i gave her the hardest time but thank god thats over. this also goes for all the beautiful souls out ther having a hard time being accepted

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