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Tommorrow Holds a Star

April 22, 2010
By PrincessSparkle GOLD, Flint, Michigan
PrincessSparkle GOLD, Flint, Michigan
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Whoever said Nothings impossible clearly never tried to slam a rotating door.

Tomorrow holds a star in its pocket,
While dreams plan to take over the world.
Peace engulfs the wars and sends its love.
While taking this mess of a life to unfurl.

Life takes an unexpected twist in reality.
While fate will bring us all together.
Love sets us up for heartbreak and loss
And forming a way to break us apart forever.

Forever is just another promise
that wont ever last
Leaving us in the future
She said it was going too fast.

The clouds billow overhead
Forming a hurricane we can’t step out of
Were all stuck in this windy dispatch
Nobody to care for or no one to love.

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