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Your my Reflection

April 28, 2010
By StevieRene SILVER, Magnolia, Texas
StevieRene SILVER, Magnolia, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Everyone will hurt you, you have to decide who is worth it
- Bob Marley

I use to dance and sing to ignore the pain that devoured the very essence of me.
With you gone I only had half a soul, you see?
Now the music consumes me beautifully, with the love and laughter you share with me, seeming as it never went away.
We’ve become so much stronger, hindsight 20/20 I’m glad I didn’t ask you to stay.
I raised my voice in melody to take over my tears…
Tears no more!
We can make it through anything, I’ve never been so sure.
You’re my future dear!
You have me thinking I want to have a confrontation or two with you.
And smile undercover.
Slam a door and curse like I do. Make up and lay all over each other.
The complication that equals me and my words that make you crazy I wouldn’t give to anyone, yes love they are only for my baby.
The world may never know what we share and I will never ever care, in your heart I will always stay there is something in your eyes that looks like me.
That’s where I’m supposed to be.
Take a look in these green, only your reflection you will see,
Baby you will always belong to me.

The author's comments:
When you find love, fight for it, never give into the world. If your truely in love, you will fight and do whatever it may take.

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