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April 28, 2010
By Pcripp BRONZE, Lmao, Illinois
Pcripp BRONZE, Lmao, Illinois
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Just because I can't help everybody, doesn't mean I can't help at least one person.

A simple mirror shows so much.
A little girl too afraid to show herself.
The real her. The dysfunctional her. How shes out of touch.
For the weary smile she has upon her face is fake.
She hides her thoughts, feelings.
They are worthless. She is worthless.
Inside and out. What a mess.
Tearing herself down little by little.
She wants to choke.
Thinking to herself, who would care?
The realization. She is broke.
As the eyeliner smears, she continues to cry.
Of course thinking of how she wants to die.
Everything she has done in life falls back.
A rush of emotions is starting to act.
Everything is fading out.
As the little girl slips back down into her lack of reality,
She finds peace and just for a moment everything is calm.

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