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Dancing Dragonflies

May 4, 2010
By Charli SILVER, USAFA, Colorado
Charli SILVER, USAFA, Colorado
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They dance and taunt,
the black dragonflies before the storm.
Eyes burn or digits go numb
the pain begins....
ice picks stabbing and stabbing
Thor's hammers going to the beat of a drum
faster and faster, harder and harder
Hide, hide, hide, the dragonflies chant and cheer
bursting in colors of blue, purple, red, green, and yellow
Hide, hide, hide, they taunt as I stumble
seeking darkness blindly, eye clenched closed
hands and fingers shaking, legs trembling, eyes burning
as tears fall down in rivers
Sound and smell enhanced, sickening my stomach,
annoying me more and more.
The closet is safe, the emptiest, the darkest,
my hands clench tight, nails digging deep, drawing blood
and i wait, wait, wait.........
The pain will last for a while more, the meds will do no good now. I wish for sleep, peaceful sleep without dreams that haunt and taunt
pain free and care free,
only there can i pretend to be my old self
Dragonflies continue their flight, whispering snickers,
chanting their glee to an immortal song
as i suffer in blinding pain
my hereditary migraine
at age seventeen

The author's comments:
I've been med. diagnosed with migraines which I'm taking heavy meds for. This is one way for me to get it off my chest. Since my meds make it hard for me to talk without slurring I decided to put everything down in a free verse poem. So far as my family knows only one person in each generation gets severe migraines that need heavier dosages.

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