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I've Fallen For You

May 9, 2010
By PbDj7 BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
PbDj7 BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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"You're not always going to be happy, but you can always give happiness."

As I stare up at the atmosphere, with time, it takes the shape of mistress and the unknown. Although it seems as space collapsing within itself. A never ending palace of lights full of bright vibes shining above me with a major sphere full of dreams and lost hopes. Sometimes full, sometimes half full. As I wonder of the Almighty who put them there, I get chills down my spine.

Having counted to infinity twice, I stare again, a galnce of Nothing this time. Nothing visible to the eye, but instead i find myself day dreaming, ironically at night. I come to realize that with each minute in seeking to talk to you, I become immune to pain, because I never find an answer but rather, nothing than a speechless claim.

I've Fought Battles, and Won Wars. But in Love, my heart is weak and I find Your foot upon my chest. You've won. I've Fallen for You.

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