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Charred by the Emotions of a Blackened Childhood MAG

May 9, 2010
By RonnieLi BRONZE, Great Neck, New York
RonnieLi BRONZE, Great Neck, New York
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This bleak, austere highway and its unwelcoming glare
Home to thousands of lost, hopeless itinerants
I walk unaccompanied and crestfallen down this road and all its memories
An ominous fog surrounds me and I am not able to see anymore

Walking like a somnambulist down this pointless road
Continuing down this highway, a paragon of unpleasantness
The fog clears and an obstacle blocks my path; it is clear that I cannot go past
And so, I turn back and face the grueling past embedded into my soul.

I remember my parents fighting over something unimportant; I forget what
I remember Father hurling objects across the room in every direction
The sounds of the smashing plates against the wall still hurt my ears
The screaming of voices in the house awakened many from their slumber

I remember that day when my mother wept noiselessly through the night
Never bothering to answer when I asked her what was wrong
Until one day I figured it out that I would have to choose between Mother and Father
That was one of the most heartbreaking decisions of my life.

I didn't know much about life until black came into it
Black nights, black cats crossing the road, and dressing all in black that day
Everyone gathered together and each one was weeping with their hands over their faces
But not me. No, I just stood there, holding it all in

Flashbacks are over, and the obstacle is gone for some odd reason
I continue down my path which seemed ordinary to me, if ordinary meant dark
The darkness abruptly clears and there is a tiny speck of light in the North
Vowing that I will follow that light until I reach its source, I continue up

Yes, these are the memories of a child who's been through almost everything
Anyone would tell you that he's slain a thousand dragons without breaking a sweat.
If you choose not to believe me, I do not blame you
But bear in mind this: Dragons exist only in imagination.

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