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The Truth

May 7, 2010
By Rukia PLATINUM, Yukon, Oklahoma
Rukia PLATINUM, Yukon, Oklahoma
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"Sticks and stones break my bones but words will never hurt me"and or"To Be Or Not To Be That Is The Question"

Love never last like a burning flame
I've learned not to act like its all a game
It broke my heart I see that now

I've paid the price you see that for now
The burning hope hasa died down
My heart went "click" and now its off
And now I went soft without a heart

My heart aches with a icey pain
My eys turned cold with a glare
If looks would kill i'd be a murderer
I will never surender

Love and hope are words that die
When you no longer believe that you will fly in the stary sky

The author's comments:
the reason i wrote this piece is because it is something everyone would like to prove wrong but when they can what is it that you say? "Oh well, maybe next time" no i will not say that i will try my best to prove this ryme wrong i will try until i die i will use all my given time to prove it wrong like it says 'I will never surender' and that is true and i hope its true for you too cause who wants to give up without a fight? and yes you have to use all your might. just like everyone else, me, your friends, and people who fight without knowing it. we do it every day. so come, my friends lets prove it wrong together and remember two heads are better then one.

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