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“Call back”, never came MAG

May 22, 2010
By Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
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Call back, never came.
Head rearranged the feeling in my heart with the logic in my brain.
You're the only person that can build me up yet destroy me.
Trillion pieces.
Mid-air matrix, no super glue.
Fact: I want to be with you.
So do I give and let you become my everything, or step back and create distance because we're not on the same page?
Believe it or not, Ripley's.
Chances are we're just like the rest.
High school sweethearts, infatuated teens.
Same plays, football team.
Different people, yet still the same game.
Time is the cause.
We are the effect.
Preparing myself for the worst, but hoping for the best.
Destiny, destined to be.
Future heartbreak, possibility.
“Forever and a day” is the type of love we state.
What happens when forever runs out and that day is chased away?
Now or later, candy.
Break-ups are never sweet.
My love for you is beyond that Sweet'n Low, Splenda.
Splendid, you got me, kid.
Every arrow is hitting me, straight force.
Bullet to the chest.
Dead end, save me.
Two-way street yet it seems like it's only me.
No other footsteps walking beside me.
Flying over me, you're not God.
Darkness, I can't see without light.
Guided, there is no guidance.
No voice nor echo telling, helping me where to go.
There is no turning back I'm too far down this road.
Crystal ball, prediction: heartbreak waiting to happen?
No yarn, threaded needle or string attached.
I'm here and I pray to God you see that.
Because pretty soon there will be a time when you may become blinded.
Temptation, devil's creation.
Thief, steal you away.
Sometimes I wish I knew what the future had in store for us.
Together forever or just ever.
Favorite memory I'm dying to hold onto.
Wishing it would never end.
Make every day worth living to the next.
Giving reason for each of my breaths.
I've prepared myself for the worst, but I'm hoping for the best

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