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June 11, 2010
By Artst123 SILVER, Burlington, Massachusetts
Artst123 SILVER, Burlington, Massachusetts
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"I write to create
In the world’s massive novel
A page of my own"

-By Emily M., NW Washington, DC

Sound, like warm ocean waves, washes over you,
It encompasses, surrounds, engulfs,
Until nothing else is left in the world,
Not even you.

It inspires, it is a spark,
That ignites your being,
And forever leaves a mark, an imprint,
On the ones that it has touched.

It is like all light, love and hate in the world,
Have come together and formed the most amazing creation,
That overwhelms you, overpowers you,
Like sitting beneath a waterfall.

High notes are like sprinkling water droplets,
Low, like the thundering of a coming storm,
And all the rest, a symphony that creates a world all its own.

As if it is life itself,
Is singing a story about,
All things passed, and things yet to come,
In an endless cycle, repeating into eternity.

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on Jul. 29 2010 at 8:03 pm
DuctTape BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
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That's really deep, but I understand what you mean.  Music can be a beautiful thing, and a terrible thing, it can calm you, and it can strike fear into your heart.  It's like a story, different to everyone who hears it, until one day, we all hear the song we've all been waiting for, a song that is so beautiful, it can't even be imagined until it is heard.  This is what I imagine heaven to be like.