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Twins of Animus

February 27, 2010
By lalaj94 GOLD, Oldenburg, Indiana
lalaj94 GOLD, Oldenburg, Indiana
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At the center of all arrogance, especially regarding art, is a naivity beyond words or brushstrokes. -I said it

Forever anon
That's you
Tears fall because your gone
Soul shattered by your own

Why did you do that?
Selfish thoughts; Undeserving
Slowly I sway on my feet
Causing quite a fright

Blank eyes
Cold skin
Everything dies
But you were my exception

My hope in something biblical
A presence, a God
Able to give me my miracle
But getting you was a miracle itself

So maybe I used my chance
Maybe I killed you
Maybe you did something
Before our passion; our own dance

Something nobody else knows
Moves so complex
I was created to battle your woes
To heal you but now I am vexed

Your light has left me
Extinguished; Dizzy
I've become, I'm gone
To join you, I realize now

Is selfish too
I murdered you
With love and hate
So equal they are


I am sorry, for our pain
I will join you
Because we are the same
Which means I too make that selfish choice

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