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Who am I

July 5, 2010
By Uniqueada PLATINUM, Durham, North Carolina
Uniqueada PLATINUM, Durham, North Carolina
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Who am I?
I am a girl who got skills
Not skills by knowing all kinds of pills
I am someone you will love
Like a dove with a dove
Or someone you can hate
When you wish you can just hit me with a plate
I can read, draw, dribble, shoot, yell, love, hate, kiss, huge
You name it all
I am the kind of person you will dream of
I can eat, I can sleep
Man I can even sneak with you to your brother’s room
And have a peep
Want to be my friend
Call or e-mail me, just type me a message and then press send
If you want to be my hater
Man just shut up and I will see you later
What am messing you are just a faker
I am a loving daughter, nice sister and a good friend
Now that’s who I am

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