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Given Up

July 6, 2010
By Rukia PLATINUM, Yukon, Oklahoma
Rukia PLATINUM, Yukon, Oklahoma
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"Sticks and stones break my bones but words will never hurt me"and or"To Be Or Not To Be That Is The Question"

I give up
I hate this so now I will stay in the muck
I dont care if I die in here
Its better then looking in the mirrior
My old lovly face is now stuck with fear
I hate not being able to be near
So I will do the next best thing
I give up on living, trying, crying when i die i want people to sing
i make myself believe that you will retern but i know you wont
But i will beg you please for my sanity, dont
I dont want to be waiting all my life for you
If you cared ar all for me then come be by my side YOU know I would jump the moon if i could and i would
But would you do the same for me thats what i thought, no you wouldnt all because your scared

The author's comments:
i love someone but he doesnt get it so i am simply giving up he says he loves me and i know he does hes just scared OF WHAT my folks thats what and u know what ild give ANYTHING to be with him and he knows it two but i just dont think he gets it so i am going to STOP chasing him i am going to pretend im happy and all that sruff just to tick him off and see how it feels but he deserves it in a way but in another i DONT want to do this not to anyone but really not him i would rather DIE before i would do that to him

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