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Wild Magic

July 7, 2010
By Wolfventures GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Wolfventures GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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I sat outside on the porch, watching the wild one in the training pen
My father had captured her two days ago
When I first saw her, I knew I would be the one to tame her
My father doubted it--he said it took him two hours to finally get the rope on her
I had already picked a name for her--Wild Magic
I got up and walked over to the pen
Wild Magic sensed me and started running around
Her mane was like a thousand little strings flying up
I climbed into the pen and slowly put my hand out to her
She stopped and looked at me
She pawed the dirt with a muddy hoof
I stood there, waiting for her to come to me
She did and when she sniffed me, she lifted her head up and reared
I backed up and climbed over the gate, keeping my eyes on her
Apparently she knew I wasn’t in her herd, I realized I had to let her accept me
I never knew taming a wild horse would be this hard and dangerous
I put my feet on the bottom bar of the gate and leaned over the top
I made a clucking sound and whispered Wild Magic’s name
She came back to me
I waited to see what she would do
When she didn’t do anything, I put my hand out and she let me touch her forehead
I felt my heart skip a beat with excitement
I grabbed the bridle that my father had left on the rail
I held it out to her so she could sniff it
Then she turned and reared
Her hooves struck the air and she neighed
I told her to quiet down
I put my hand out to try to touch her again
Wild Magic whinnied at me
I looked into her eyes, and they were filled with sadness
I walked to door of the gate and opened it
Wild Magic bolted out
I knew my father would be mad
But I couldn’t bear to see a wild, beautiful creature like Wild Magic be held.

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