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July 9, 2010
By M.Lyn.Luna PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
M.Lyn.Luna PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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There isn’t much to write,
There isn’t much to say,
Nothing much has happened yet,
On this dull, boring day.

Sitting quiet in English,
Not knowing what to write,
When you’ve no subject specifically,
You’re not sure what is right.
Then your mind begins to wander,
Hey, what’s on TV tonight?

I’ve got tons of stuff to do,
Homework is what I meant,
‘Got several projects due next week,
It’s the math that I resent.

Okay, makeshift poetry,
I know it’s not my thing,
But nothing’s in my mind right now,
No spark, no light, no ping!

Freewrite’s not the most interesting topic,
And I’d say the class agrees,
Nothing special has happened today,
There’s no great moment to seize.

I wonder what they’re thinking,
I wonder how they feel,
Hey, did you know my sister’s boyfriend-
His favorite color is teal!

Yes, I’m giving up good poetry,
Just for the sake of rhyme,
I hope I can finish up,
Are we yet out of time?

No, I’m not so lucky,
There’s still some minutes left,
Hey I wonder if she wonders,
If I blame her for theft?

Resorting to random thoughts,
Anything that fits,
I wish all poetry came this easy,
Not just in little bits.

Alas I must be going,
As I am out of time,
There’s nothing left to s-
Oh look! I’ve found a dime!

The author's comments:
When we were supposed to write anything in our class journals, this was born. Haha xD

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on Aug. 6 2010 at 8:01 am
Francesca BRONZE, Clermont, Florida
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Lol. I love this!! It reminds me of Shel Silverstien. Keep up the good work!!