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Beats per minute

June 15, 2010
By Swiwi17 SILVER, Glasscity, Nevada
Swiwi17 SILVER, Glasscity, Nevada
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The smallest bit that I have left,
I do my best, my all protects,
The little piece that outlasts storms,
This sliver hangs, when the rest’s been torn,
Post beaten, post battle, post parting, post pain,
The heart’s start, and it’s ending, aren’t ever the same.
Scars do not fade, most cuts are too deep, forever they’ll stay
and forever mine to keep.
Within the heart that pumps life into my very being,
Present for the triumph and here for the sting,
Numbness to all feeling and the fear of it leaving….
Not mistakes, but losses,
Pain for free, but infinite value for what the cost is,
it’s something you can’t change,
you, by chance, contract and contained,
The single worst ever stain, that’ll always remain there,
Post heartbreak warfare, post emotional repairs,
Post promises to always be there, the lessons learned well, though unfair,
The most important above all else,
Not the security system lying on the hearts shelf,
Not the pre-protection, before we know how to use other’s help,
Before we know what’s best for ourselves,
But from the very start, keeping safe, that insignificant piece of heart,
So the smallest bit will never fade,
So the smallest bit,
is the strongest part.

The author's comments:
This is a piece, that I'm not sure if it's deserving of praise. Hopefully you can convince me.

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