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I Like You

July 13, 2010
By JSkeletonRocks PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
JSkeletonRocks PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
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Your black hair darker than the night
Your brown eyes the size of quarters
Your eyelashes black and large like Japanese fans...
I can't say I hate you,
When you appear in all of my dreams day and night
I can't say I Love you,
When every object we both seem to be touching is only when you're ripping it from my hands
I can't say I want you,
When every time we're near, I can never talk to you...and never will
I can't say you're ugly,
When I find myself staring at something, it's always at you
I can't say I want to touch you,
When the only time we've ever touched was when you forced me back from helping my peer
I can't say you're not strong,
When you dominate in football
I can't say you're lonely,
When your group of friends take up six lunch tables
I can't say you're nice,
When you flick off teachers and students
I can't say you're not sensitive,
When you believe that all you need in life is love
I can't say I Love you...
Nor can I say I hate you
Therefore, I like you

The author's comments:
This piece is generally, kind of, about a guy, I obviously like, the reason is kind of unknown...

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