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July 16, 2010
By Miseltoe GOLD, Boneville, Georgia
Miseltoe GOLD, Boneville, Georgia
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I'm a loser and I love to lose. Each time I lose its different, it teaches me something else... but winning loses its glamour after the first few times. so I love to lose

Accept my pretty lie
Deny the bitter truth
Tumbling down a hill
It all ends with you

Water soaked shirt
Grass stained pants
Kiss my forehead
No butterflies

It's too late
For this little dance
Can't hold on
Spinning out

Cut your hand off
To caress a snake
Kick the dog and call it even
Even runs away

Left alone
Get it right
Leave me be
Say goodnight

Upside down penny
On the ground
Pick it up
Watch it frown

Catch the mud
With your face
Let me down
Win the race

Missed the plane
Out a luck
See the facts
I'm a smuck.

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