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July 30, 2010
By wild18 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
wild18 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Forget about the people in your past theres a reason they didn't make it to your future.

This world saddens me.
I want to speak my mind,
But I keep my mouth shut,
And i let my teeth grind.

Our economy is struggling,
We have so many dues.
It cost so much money,
To even by a pair of shoes.

There are people starving everywhere,
There are people without a home.
But we're too scared to move.
We don't want to leave our comfort zone.

It's something we have to give,
In order to get.
It's slowly fading,
It's called respect.

We are delicate sculptures,
Waiting to be discovered.
It's freedom we seek,
We don't want to be smothered.

All the songs and tabloids,
Seem to be about promiscuity.
When instead,
They need to be about life and everyone in unity.

What happened to the child,
Who never seemed to care,
Whether she was dirty,
Or how she wore her hair?

Think about your life,
And what you want to make of it.
The candle is out,
But it can always be relight.

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