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August 4, 2010
By riley1516 PLATINUM, Lake Zurich, Illinois
riley1516 PLATINUM, Lake Zurich, Illinois
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Hair blowing
Heart racing
Hands grasping the bar in front of me for dear life

Knuckles white
Face pale
Regretting my decision to look down at the tiny specks that are people down below me

Eyes clamping shut
Holding my breath
Anticipating the drop that’s coming next

Stomach lurching
Screams fill the air
I fly up out of my seat but the bar holds me there

First big drop down
A few more to go
The worst is over at least for now

Eyes scan the ride
The cameras are spotted
Arms move high up in the air
Putting on a smile to hide my fear

One final drop finished off with one last spiral twist
The ride lurches to a stop
Patiently waiting for the next ride to get going so we can pull in and get off

Standing on solid ground
Muscles untense
My friends ask my opinion
I just say lets do it again!

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