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It's not love..

August 4, 2010
By lovebabylove. GOLD, Mastic Beach, New York
lovebabylove. GOLD, Mastic Beach, New York
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"in true love a boy does not need to unbutton a girl's shirt in order to see her heart.".

From the 1st glace i caught of you,
there waiting for me,
to that 1st amazing kiss,
to that last kiss,
i've felt the saem,
yet differnt.
The 1st glance i felt excited.
Excited to have a chance with you.
the 1st kiss i felt worried,
worried i'd fall to quick.
which i did.
The last kiss i felt relieved,
relieved to know you were mine.
Relieved to know more kisses are come.
Relieved to a big part of my future,
could possibly include you.
thoughout all these momments though..
i got this felling.
a fairytale like felling.
I always thought it was love,
but as i sit here and think about you,
about me,
about you and me toagther,
I reliezed it's somthing differnt,
It's not love..
It's true love.

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