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There has to be more

August 8, 2010
By Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
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There has to be more then just this, more than what we people claim to know.
Reaching for something I don’t know, all out of reach, unreachable.
Is it teachable, teach us how to live because dying is inevitable.
Snake bite, poison, already aware of what is soon to come whether it is now or later.
Death devours apiece of us each day, little by little, soon to consume us whole.
Eventually nothing will remain, even dust will be blown away into the wind, the sea.
Dissolve, nothing left of us but memory.
The day before it will be the day when we no longer breath.
Everything has an end whether it breathes or speaks or walks or all three.
And each end has a new beginning, even the very end will begin something new.
Living is a choice just as everything else has happened to be.
Live today because tomorrow may have been yesterday, and yesterday our tomorrow.
Time never stops, but what if it did?
How do we know time doesn’t rotate counter clockwise or in a loopty loop, and we just say it continues to move forward?
Or what if it standstills and everything else is moving?
Time trapped in a bottle, what if were just incoherent to what is really happening, what if we are moving backwards?
Time we can not see, for all we know time could be on pause.
Time isn’t a person so it is not us, it has been morphed into a concept in which we abide.
Seeing is believing, well prove to me time is moving.
Naive, no logical to the fact that overtime we change but what if death was to come first then birth.
What if it all ready does?
What if our forward is back?
Strong believer in God, stand by his word.
Maybe things aren’t as simple as we thought them to be.
I live to see the day when concepts and things we thought were simple or understood aren’t fully.
There’s more to this world then we will ever discover.

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