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There are Guns

August 8, 2010
By IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
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There are guns
There always have been
There always will be
The question is more
Will you carry them
Will you wield their power
Or will you be meek
Will you threaten
Or submit
Will you attack
Or embrace
There is no way to give
Merit more to either one
I try to make choices
But like the sun
I set each day
With no real resolution
Just thoughts that burn
Rose and tangerine colors
Across the sky

There are guns
There are men
There are nations
There is power
And I
Am only a girl
Is this fortune
Or fate
Am I doomed
or blessed
Questions wrap around
The bones of my skull
And the answers wait somewhere
With old age
(I hope)
But even the grandmothers
Have their doubts
It seems
The asking is the ocean
It comes to the shore
With every wave
It brushes the sands of my eyes
And wipes away the reason
Of my fingers
There are guns
And they frighten
Even the Goliaths of time
There are guns
Because there are people
And we have no crystallized beings
We have no great merit
Only guns
And if there are guns
There are wounds
There are scars that disfigure
And erode against us
Like rain on the mountain sides
The guns wear me down
Until I am nothing but a small hill
Shamefaced, I lower my eyes

There are guns
And it is frightening
But with guns can also come soldiers
Soldiers that rise up
With honor and glory
Their bravery leaves us
Who are these supposed mere mortals
That bare the weight of
The front lines
Their hands hold the trigger
But their hearts are measured as
This particular kind of soldier
How could I not love you?
These great winds or hope
That take guns
For peace
An oxymoron
But a truth nonetheless

There are guns
There always have been
There always will be

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