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Lost In A Nightmare

August 17, 2010
By JustADreamer95 PLATINUM, Fairfield, Ohio
JustADreamer95 PLATINUM, Fairfield, Ohio
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Lost In A Nightmare
I want to cry but I know if I do they will only ask why, but I cannot stop feeling this way and it is killing me inside.
Sensing what others feel is a curse I would rather go on about my life without it, I get so pulled down by the littlest things and I just pray to god that the feeling goes away.
Barely any food it’s hard to believe and when you hit rock bottom you finally see, you were always told never take anything for granted and you would just nod but now looking at this depressing place you call home you finally understand.
I cannot stand it here my mother hides her tears my father is a lazy bum and my siblings now have fears I want to wish it away I want to lay in my lovers arms but I have to face this part of life I cannot run; I sat in dirt long enough and I finally came to see that you sit way to long and begin to bleed.
I wish I could make it change I want to do something good but what it is I could do to make this nightmare end I do not know, I want to run away but I know that I cannot and I pray every night that god sends me an angel or some good news.
All I can do is pray and try to figure out a way to help but I don’t know what it is I could do, I want to fall but I cannot bleed I have to keep on fighting and even though they do not know I carry many worries.
They shrug it off and put on a mask but I cannot hide without the one I love I think I would fall down and cry I try my best everyday but some time things get me down, yet I keep trailing on without letting them know I smile and wipe away the tears so all that remains they cannot see are all of my fears.

The author's comments:
Life Has Been Rough And I Realize Things Can Disappear Right Out From Underneath, When This Happens It Is Like You Have Walked Into A Nightmare And All You Have Are Fears Eating You Alive.

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