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Green Grass

August 28, 2010
By SWKit_kat GOLD, Janesville, Wisconsin
SWKit_kat GOLD, Janesville, Wisconsin
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I miss you
I bet you miss me too.
Your smell
Your touch
Your taste
All gone.
By anger and hate
By sadness
You must think Im
But your wrong.
My friends all said i was to good for you
I didn't listen.
You used people
No you used my friends to do your dirty work.
You gave me the cold shoulder
It was so cold your arm froze.
You left me crippled
like a crumpled peice of paper
It hurts
So much pain
So much suffering
They say the grass is alwasy greener on the otherside
And it is, but I wish I could join you
Where green grass grows.

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