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It is it

August 21, 2010
By Dedos83 GOLD, Park City, Utah
Dedos83 GOLD, Park City, Utah
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Golden like the sun,
Yet red like a flower,
It rose up above,
Behind vanilla white clouds.

It made darkness black,
Made the grass green,
And the sky blue,
Painted the Earth like no one could.

Took all by surprise,
Such glorious beauty,
Gave a name to wonder,
And a meaning to the meaningless.

Just to hear it, makes you shiver.
To see it, makes you blind.
To say its name, makes you speechless.
And to touch it, is greater than impossible.

It doesn't need eyes to see,
Or a mouth to speak,
Even ears to listen,
Only needs a heart to give.

A great wonder,
With no equation,
With no negative,
With no real comparison.

Without it,
I couldn't breathe,
I wouldn't sleep,
I shouldn't live.

Just magic with no tricks,
Just a meal with no ingredients,
Just you and me,
Just love.

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