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"Behind My Eyes"

September 16, 2010
By Sam-E. BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
Sam-E. BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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"This Is America!"

My green eyes fill you with fear
They scare you into the dark
I'm painted with tears and a broken heart
Your discrimination against me used to tear me apart
I looked into the sky and wandered off into the galaxy
I am my mother's daughter , I am my father's angel
I grew inside my mother's stomach and came out with a purpose
I am strong , beautiful , and fierce . Physically you see my gown , physically you see my hands , physically you bump into me like a part in romance. Mentally you think I'm a terrorist , mentally you think I'm twisted , but "Behind My Eyes" there's me . No fire , no sparks , and you will not hold me in captivity.

The author's comments:
This poem , is not about me or for me. This poem is for muslim's or anybody else that people discriminate and/or torture because of their religions or outfits. It's not fair , it's not right , and though I'm not muslim and am not discriminated, I still understand them and feel their pain.

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