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September 18, 2010
By Bookdragon GOLD, Mona, Utah
Bookdragon GOLD, Mona, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
By Endurance We Conquer ~Ernest Shackleton

There is a reason that I am here,
A way I’ve reached this place,
And it is very clear,
I have been led throughout the race.

I could not do this on my own,
There has been a hand to guide,
You’ve taught me as I’ve grown,
And in you I can confide.

You have known when to let go,
And make me find the way,
It’s through experience you grow,
You have taught me day by day.

They say motherhood is the greatest thing.
Though you clean and don’t get rest,
But I believe “They” are lying,
Being your daughter is the best!

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my mom for Mother's Day a while ago.

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