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September 23, 2010
By ThatEsotericGirl. GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
ThatEsotericGirl. GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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i squeeze my eyes shut tight
i grip the air with my fist
i breathe in hard trying to feel the light
in my mind i reach to grab your hand
i strain and spazz just to feel your warmth
to feel your protection
but when my finger is close to yours, you pull back
decide to restrain, forget
forget im there
forget i feel the pain
its as if you've forgotten me....annie
what am i to you, you may think
look at the damage hes caused, is what will sink
remember those words, the promises you made
baby i love you forever and always will
is what you said, promised to me you'd never leave
but look at us now hun
miles apart, months have pasted
and those promises you made
i now know they never last
they expire with a warranty
and it has no currency
though i want to say
babe....we had fun
you use to always make my day
when i look at others now
no one can compare to you
but now i act as if ive forgotten
forgotten all those memories we made
those memories shall stay in the shade
the shade of my brain
you care no more about me.....annie
please atleast remember the name..
i know what i ask of you is hard to sustain
but i will remember your name
and all those forgotten words
i look back at those words and i realize
they are kind of like birds
the birds i see in the light
that light i see as i try to hold tight
to what is left
i pinch my eyes harder
reach my hand out once more
but this time i am the one to hold back
before i finish i must say
im done with you and i hope this ends okay.

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