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Letting The Bullet Fly

September 22, 2010
By Anyanka GOLD, Carrollton, Texas
Anyanka GOLD, Carrollton, Texas
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'Evil Willow looked around the room and sighed. "This world's no fun." She grumbled. Good willow looked over at her bitterly. "You noticed that too?"'

It feels so cold
my hollow chest.
what used to be there
is gone in thin air.

It feels so different
my life right now.
No more twin to look up to
just a secret without you.

It feels so empty
my head in this place.
all logic and honesty
gone like your melody.

It feels so wrong
his room where he laid.
so much time spent alone
when no one was home.

It feels like death
looking into his eyes.
there was too much pain
and blood to be sane.

It feels so broken
knowing his last call.
in order to tell a friend
that this is the end.

It feels like murder
even though you took the gun.
wanting to take the blame
though nothing will stay the same.

It feel so cold
my hollow chest.
You took my heart that day
when I killed yours.

The author's comments:
This piece is written about two characters in a short story I'm working on. They're twins, one is a nobody while the other a somebody, the somebody gets jealous and kills the nobody but soon regrets his decision.

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