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How should I forgive you??

September 24, 2010
By A_shy_dove GOLD, Hubli, Other
A_shy_dove GOLD, Hubli, Other
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We were playing in the rain
Shouting with joy as if insane,
But you suddenly pushed me down
Following a calumnious mischievous mien.

And you ran off at an amazing pace,
Seeing me injured with blood on my face.
You never came back to show me your solace,
But to tell me that I was a total disgrace.

That I wasn’t worthy to be a friend
But was no less than a fiend.
That if I couldn’t bear small pains,
You couldn’t see in my friendship any gains.

My acquaintances nagged me too
That I couldn’t see an infidel in you.
Tell me o friend, how should I forgive you??
For you had made me feel like a shoe.

Tell me o friend! How should I forgive you?
For you had given me a series of sorrows to go through,
For you had made me see a Brutus in every friend
And making me lose my confidence difficult to find.

Now tell me o friend! How should I forgive you??
Was nit my affection enough to be with you?
Or were you expecting me to hide your blunders and apologize in turn to you?
Tell me o friend!! How should I forgive you………?????

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