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September 14, 2010
By IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
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With arms spread like wings
She screamed at the Wind,
You’ll never blow me away!
Her skin felt raw
Beneath naked sun
But she didn’t dare turn away
Said the Sky to the Clouds,
Perhaps rain will make her run
But when the water stars fell down
She laughed like it was all fun
The Bird swooped down upon her
Crying, You will never understand
You see, you cannot fly like me
She told him, I already am
The Weeds tried to tangle her steps
But she treasured them like petals
Her voice rang out against the Mountain,
My bones, not soft, are metal
And my spirit is not glass
But the strongest and oldest Tree
You see, she wasn’t young girl
But a woman of eighty-three
The Wind eventually quieted
Just long enough to meet his match
He realized a broken heart
May learn to mend itself back
With arms spread like wings
Wrinkles looped into a smile
She lifted her burdens and jumped
Leaving the world for a while
She was meant to leave it behind

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