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Foolish Logic

September 14, 2010
By IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
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Reading the sun like a madman
He said he could tell me its fate
One day it would rightly explode
Our efforts, though desperate, too late
I laughed, the foolish mother
Saying this world won’t ever end
He cried, the listless, persistent owl
Whispering, logic never wins

Divine is the child who never grows
Prosperous are the old
I’ve never once believed a story
Until it’s television told
Said he to me with lead lungs,
I’ll miss much the you before
I let him know his sense was gone
He said, you both close and open a door

And because he saw my fear of dark
He gave me his heart as a light
I didn’t take it, the foolish adult
Trying to prove I could fight
His heart, back in his chest,
Beat out music like a piano
I loved him so when he was boy
But never as a man though
For he or I have somehow changed
My damage, it seems, is done
I try to be foolish forever more
But logic has never won

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