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Some of Us

September 14, 2010
By IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
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Some of us
Will gather together
Huddled mass
Disconnected web
Connected again
To reach back
Into the back corners of memory
And to contrast the before
With the glaring now
(Comparisons are rare jewels,
Uncommon waste)
We’ll see that
Some of us
Will reach our dreams
Snatch our star out of the horizons
Swallow it up before someone else can
“I told you so” balancing wickedly
On the edge of some of our lips
Some of us
Will realize
Dreams are dreams
Pillows are pillows
A blanket is just soft cloth
Stitches sewing up its skin
And a job isn’t always what you love
Some of us
Will wonder why it ever
Seemed more than a paycheck

Some of us
Will wave our diplomas
Bright, gold medals burning atop our chests
Only to find
This worlds been found before
Bones themselves are full of gold and medals
(And all of us have bones)
It’s the thump-thumping of hearts
Which some of us will
Learn to yearn after
Speaking of
Some of us
Will marry some of us
Some of us will marry another someone all together
Exchanging diamond circles
With a kiss and a preacher
And yes, some of us
Will break the circle
Some of us
Will manage to hold onto it
And some of us
Will try so very, very much
So very, very many times
That some of our hearts
Will wind into weary thump-thumpers too soon

Some of us
Will run out west
Leaving wakes of dust
That spell out goodbye
Some of us
Will slip back home
Molding back into familiar faces
All saying “Remember When”
Remember, remember
Some of us
Will grow out of schools and lunch-boxes
Teddy bears and popsicles
Only to turn around
And have a kid themselves
Some of us
Won’t be more than kids at all
Some of us
Won’t reach 30
Adulthood forever the line not crossed
A tombstone spell out
“What If”
And some of our mothers will cry

Some of us
Will be nothing special
But wouldn’t you know
The days are good that way
Some of us
Will be so awfully,
Terrifically unique
Some of us
Will shine like sun on water
(But those
Some of us
Are lonely as sun in the middle of night)
Some of us
Will not return
To the huddled mass
Too afraid to confront
Old memories, old faces
Clinging to the promise of now
Instead of scars of before
Some of us
Will race back to the web
Disconnected though it may be
Some of us
Forgot what it means to be one of us
When they left
The shock of age
Will not settle in for
Some of us
At all

But for now
All of us are together
Laughing in hallways, shouldering cumbersome textbooks
And buoyant dreams
Some of us
Will remember all of us
And smile

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