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Winter Nights

October 9, 2010
By Eternally17 SILVER, Dubai, Other
Eternally17 SILVER, Dubai, Other
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"There exists no heaven and no hell, nothing to look forward to after we have gone to ashes; live every moment NOW, and make things happen the way you want to in this lifetime; not the next."

I suddenly find myself longing for the cold winter nights,
When clouds would lend an ethereal glow to the inky skies
And tiny stars would make an effort to peek out and wink hello.

I find myself yearning for mugs of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows
That accompanied me by the soft glow of yellow lamps
As I would cosy up on the sofa to watch my favourite TV shows.

I find myself desperately missing the late-night conversations
That I held with you; midnight conversations that would
Never stop at minutes, but would go on for hours and hours until
Sweet sleep decided to grace us with its blessings.

I find myself desperately missing the other conversations
That would not end till we caught sight of the sun kissing the clouds,
Watching them blush a delicate pink and then a deeper magenta.

I find myself waiting to shiver beneath warm, comforting blankets as I
Listened to the music that the cold wind created with my windows;
Music that gradually lulled me into a sweet, dreamless slumber.

I find myself hoping to catch sight of the first dark clouds that cloaked the heavens,
A sure sign of the upcoming winter showers that I would dance in with you.

I find myself tossing and turning in my sleep, anticipation peeking its
Interfering head into my dreams and forcing me awake every other hour.

I find myself realising that winters were our time to celebrate life;
It was the season that bonded us, that made us who we are now.

I feel myself reliving every precious minute that I spent with you, and
Every word, every look; every touch, every kiss - it burns through my mind,
Searing an irreparable void filled with love and longing, memories and passion.

And I ultimately find myself waiting, waiting, waiting –
For merrier times, bigger smiles and cold winter nights.

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