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October 9, 2010
By Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
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Naïve, yeah like a child I am, I believe everything I hear from you.
Foolish, complete fool.
Stupid, d***.

Words are as thick as the air they are said in, to even see them they have to be written.
Contract your love to me, yet in the tiny print it states whatever happens, happens, nothing is guaranteed.
Rather then use my eyes to pay attention to what is happening around me and the fine detail, I missed what should have been noticed, the obvious.
Like a lawyer your out for your best interest, you’ll take my side if the occasion calls for it or if you get something in return.

Return the love I gave to you, refund every sweet thing I said to you, every heart felt hug, kiss too, even the brush of my hands on your chest, your face, the part where I fell and scrapped both knees for you.
Everything, we can’t rewind but give me band aid.
Give it, give back my heart, whole, at least let me steal it away without it braking, please if anything, I don’t even want a sorry.
Your “sorry’s” out weigh your “I love you’s”, you’ve given me enough to last a lifetime, I’m full.

My life, 180 turned, my life which is occurring at this moment feels like it is melting away, evaporating with your words each and everyday.
To clouds that will soon rain, and pour nothing but hurt, lies, and a hammer to brake my heart, shatter it (something you promised you would never let happen).
To thunder that will shake me every which way, take me to the ground that will have me glued for days that feel like eternity.
With lighting that will strike me dead, if you haven’t already.

Stuck in your world, I can’t find my way back to my own.
I’ve lost my way and myself, who am I, I can’t recall, have things really gotten this far, I‘m to far away.
I’ve lost everything from the person that I was and the person I was trying to be.
To blame it on you is immature and we are not playing the “it‘s your fault” game.
Take responsibility for my actions, I got caught up on you.
The hanger to your shirt, and I forgot to iron mine.
Lost focus on myself, need a telescope to find me, yet when you look through you still can’t see the real me, fake.

You are suppose to be apart of my life, not my life.
Plan my day around you, think of no one but you, looking out for us, staying faithful, not letting anyone step over lines.
Yet you plan your day based on what YOU want to do, similar to me YOU think of YOU, look out for YOUr best interest, what’s right for YOU and you staying faithful that’s the best joke I have EVER told, lines crossed who knows?
I haven’t seen it but in my gut I feel it.
Intuition , I know it.

If I have ever learned anything it is “if your going to be stupid you have to be tough”(quoted).

Ow, bleeding:
As I see your true colors you blind me, so dark, I can’t see.
With everything beautiful there is piece of it with potential to hurt you.
You are nothing but a rose, a rose I happened to pick, a kinetic rose with thorns I, I did not see.

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