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Body of a Friend

November 6, 2010
By PC0916 BRONZE, Neskowin, Oregon
PC0916 BRONZE, Neskowin, Oregon
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I have feet that will run anywhere and any distance for you.
I have legs that will stand strong for you.
I have hips to place my hands when I'm backtalking for you.
I have hands to punch anyone who hurts you.
I have arms to give unlimited hugs to you.
I have a stomach that can stand anything for you.
I have a chest that will ache for you.
I have a neck that cranes from texting and chatting with you.
I have a head that thinks of the best things for you.
I have a face that can be funny to make you laugh.
I have a heart I would give up without a second thought for you.
I have a soul that wouldn't be complete without you.
That is my body.
The body of a friend.

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