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A Normal Autumn Day

November 17, 2010
By Sarah1311 DIAMOND, Clackamas, Oregon
Sarah1311 DIAMOND, Clackamas, Oregon
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"To the world you may not be someone, but to someone you may be the world" and "Never frown because you never know who's fallen in love with your smile" <3

I look outside and what do I see? I see trees shedding thier colored leaves as the autumn wind blows. I see a light blue sky with white clouds. The scene almost peaceful, the setting quite sound. I walk toward the doors, the outside calling, I want to be free but inside here I am not, in here it's like a nightmare slowly suffocating me, outside I get some peace, everyone leaves me be. The minutes go by, almost like time has slowed, I wait impatiently in my seat, I just want to go, the others around me just talk and laugh, while I sit here trying to earase memorys of the past, when the bell finally rings I jolt from my seat, I grab my bag and run, I don't miss a beat, the cold air numbs my face and the leaves crunch beneath my feet. My mind is clear once again, all the stress slipping away, but I know it will be back again when comes another day.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem in my study hall class. I was looking out the window at the trees and there colorful leaves when I suddenly thought up this poem.

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