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Monster Within

November 17, 2010
By s.gansen BRONZE, Peosta, Iowa
s.gansen BRONZE, Peosta, Iowa
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When the time came
He did what he had to do
The sight
The Sound

One by one
Clip by clip
All out of fear

What had he done
This man no longer him
He was not a monster
But in this place
This jungle from hell
Everyone was a monster

He slips out of reality
Overhead he watches
Watches himself
Someone else in his body
Run through the trees
Not looking back

He can see the leaves
Brush and branches
Exploding around his hijacked body
The stranger did not slow

Who was this demon
Who had stolen his body
What was the point of all
this waste of life
Many answers
None justified

He will never understand
And yet
He will live with
The screams
The pain
The faces
And worst of all
The silence
The silence
of the Fallen

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