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The Crown

November 29, 2010
By gloriasinferno37 SILVER, Needham, Massachusetts
gloriasinferno37 SILVER, Needham, Massachusetts
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When I grow up I want to be like me
-Kurt Cobain

Funny how you used to laugh at them

The swarming gray tuneless mass

Half asleep faces of coffee junkies

Zombies in gray talking too fast to someone we can’t see

Jabbering on and on about something no one understands

Now you're talking to some guy you don’t know but spend most days with

Where is the attitude you used to have?

That spark of individuality that marked you as yours

Tattoos and taboos all used to call your name

But now your only claim to fame is your desire to gain

I used to idolized you but now you’re just the same

The All American with kids and job to prove it

You settled down and you won the crown

You really have changed

The author's comments:
This poem is about someone who I used to idolize and dream of growing up to be. When I was younger I used to look up this a family friend. He was funny, eccentric, and was his own person with a weird job I didn’t understand- everything I loved. I was midway through Elementary School when he got married, I started seeing him less and he lost some of that live-for-the-moment-and-break-the-rules attitude. Now he has two kids and has a dull desk job, he’s stopped cracking jokes, and dresses like everyone else. I realized if he was in a crowed and I couldn’t see his face, I wouldn’t be able to tell him apart from anyone else. I hope people will get that when you grow up, selling out will only cause people who really love you to miss you a lot.

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