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Who I Am

November 30, 2010
By alexbethecoolest BRONZE, Maineville, Ohio
alexbethecoolest BRONZE, Maineville, Ohio
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I am sometimes distracted, but quick to the point
I wonder if what other people see is different
I hear the ringing of a bell I can’t see
I see the falling of the leaves I can’t hear
I want a world where everyone is equal

I am always alert, and demand justice
I pretend that we live in a perfect world
I feel that life is always worth living
I touch other’s lives when they need it the most
I worry that my life wont make a big impact
I cry at the thought of anyone getting left behind

I am not the life of the party, but I definitely make it better
I understand that things need to be changed
I say no to bad ideas
I dream of a world that doesn’t stand divided
I try to believe my goals will be achieved
I hope I’ll always keep my true friends, and leave bad ones behind

I know there’s no way around obstacles
I listen to both sides

I am Me, and no one else.

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