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The Beauty of Lost Ages

December 30, 2010
By the_sky_is_blue GOLD, Reno, Nevada
the_sky_is_blue GOLD, Reno, Nevada
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"Become the change you want to see"-Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to my life
Under God I once stood
Now under mountains of strife
I will crack like brittle wood

My eagle once promised liberty
Now money does instead
As leaders preach in deceitful clarity
My children get covered in red

The boys who paid for me
Like innocence, are forgotten
Now I can't fail to foresee
The success of the rotten

The dream I created
That was once milk and honey
Is dead to those who medicated
Their lives with money

The sky will remain blue
But I will be gone
Loyal to those who lie in truths
My people must fix what's wrong

Strong still I may be
But within mistruth rages
And all you chose to see
Is the beauty of lost ages

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