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January 15, 2011
By Crazy-for-you SILVER, Ellicott City, Maryland
Crazy-for-you SILVER, Ellicott City, Maryland
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"When I first fell for you, I used to think that building up this invisible wall was a waste of time... but after time of thinking about it, I think it wasn't a waste because now I know who can break through."

I thought I could see past your guise
That you hide behind, in your eyes.
But you proved me wrong.
That’s why I’m writing this song,
So I can try to sort out,
All this doubt,
I had about you.
I feel like my mind is in Timbuktu,
That’s how far you blew my mind.
I knew you could’ve never of been mine,
But I tried anyway,
To mold you like clay.
But it ended up being me
Getting stepped on like a flea.
When you got your heart broken,
My feelings were still unspoken.
But I thought I could’ve changed that,
Instead you used me like a doormat.
It wasn’t your fault though,
That’s why I had to let you go.
You ended up being my downfall,
But you were my reason for existing in the beginning of it all.

The author's comments:
i know its not a song, but i needed the word for the rhyming scheme.

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