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Troubled, Yet Quiet

January 3, 2011
By JSkeletonRocks PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
JSkeletonRocks PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
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"Your mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work unless it's open."
-Frank Zappa

I want the world to end
Troubled yet quiet
All of our earthly pain
Dissipated in our hearts
The truth in whole
Not torn apart
The dread to be known
That we did this to ourselves
That our hate to this has grown
Impossible to take back
Impossible to disown

The author's comments:
When I was originally writing this piece, I had wanted it to be lyrics to a heavy metal song, or if that didn't work, just lyrics to a song. But when I reached "Impossible to disown", I read what I had so far, and decided that it was a cute little poem. I have lyrics made for a heavy metal song, and I hoping that they're good. But this, this is a poem. I was never really good at song writing anyway!

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