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Theres time now

January 14, 2011
By L@Xgurrl BRONZE, Geneva, New York
L@Xgurrl BRONZE, Geneva, New York
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"As i grew up my mom told me happiness was the key to life. I went to school and they said to write down what we want to be when we grew up. I wrote down happy. They told me i didn't understand the assignment. I told them they didn't understand life"

There’s a time to live,
A time to die,
A time to morn,
And a time to cry.
There’s a time to sing,
And a time for silence.
A time for hate,
And a time for tolerance.
There’s time now,
Where it might not be later.
It’s time to love,
So don’t be a hater.
Each passing moment,
That takes your breath away,
That time is gone,
But the memory stays.
There’s a time for forgiveness,
And a time for a grudge.
Some problems are solved,
While others won’t budge.
There’s a time to smile,
And a time to frown,
Your flying high one minute,
And in the next you’re knocked down.
There’s time on the clock,
No need to rush,
You’ve got time,
In yourself you must trust.
So that when the clock breaks,
And time slows,
You’ll have done it all right,
And it shows.

The author's comments:
Trying to show how it can be helpful to just slow down sometimes...

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