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The Reverend

January 20, 2011
By laurenangela SILVER, Newton, Illinois
laurenangela SILVER, Newton, Illinois
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For James ‘The Rev’ Sullivan

I hear footsteps
They’re getting closer
I’m afraid for my life

I’ve trapped myself in this Bat Country
I’ve crossed the Danger Line
I went to the wrong church at the Crossroads
I’ve been tricked
The right place is So Far Away

Soon there is a Second Heartbeat
But this one is cold
Cold as stone
I wanted for a moment
Just A Little Piece of Heaven
So I could repent my Unholy Confessions
But that would be Almost Easy

‘Save Me!’ I whisper
There is no answer
Only a hideous cackle, or is it a growl?

He is soon next to me
He seems a thousand feet tall
With a glare that cuts like a knife
I terribly want to be Unbound
This must be Fiction, I think
His eyes are blue
But his mind is a Brompton Cocktail of evil

‘Have a nice Afterlife,’ he hisses
I feel myself slipping away
As he slides the needle into my arm

I can see people
No angels
No devils
Only the ones whom have left me before
Someone comes forward
‘Welcome To The Family,’ they say
I begin to smile

I hear something
It’s a hiss
But there’s words
‘Ashes to ashes,’ it says
Then I realize, as I open my mouth to Scream
The Nightmare has just begun…

The author's comments:
This is for the drummer James 'The Rev' Sullivan, who passed away in 2009.

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